1.  Event, messaging app that causes gatherings through easy communication
  • Organized
  • Connected
  • Private


Ziing Me & Let’s Go

Create groups to attend a public event and stay in contact or create private events and organize everything you’ll need in one simple to use app in the palm of your hand. This powerful tool will keep everyone informed in real-time, if enough people are going to show up, and even what everyone needs to bring.

Public Events

Search for public events happening within your area without being bombarded by advertisements. With a unique map & date feature allowing you to see exactly what is going on in your area. You can even start a private group chat with your friends attending the same event. As a promoter stay in contact with your fans. So, Ziing Your Crew & Let’s Go.


Let’s face it, with all these forms of communication available in our world it’s hard to keep track. Finding the location, or seeing the picture your friend Sam posted of a party shouldn’t require opening a half dozen apps. Ziing puts communication and information in one location making it easy to find what you want and to communicate with your friends and fans. 

Private Data

Who wants to give out their blood type just to speak to friends. Can you say “Invasive.” Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, etc…. are data-gathering machines. Our trust of these giant corporations is waining and we are now looking for a way to communicate without being spied on. Ziing has got you covered. Sign up with just your name and cell phone number. It’s that easy. 


From guestlists to payments. A party host needs a plethora of tools to throw a gathering and enjoy that same gathering. Ziing aims to make this process painless and organized with everything you’ll need in one location and with tools so easy to use you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Features Every Host Needs

Ziing is a fully loaded, event hosting, machine. It won’t call your Mom to come pick you up when you’ve had a little to much to drink, but Ziing will make planning and hosting a party or event a breeze. 


Invites as easy as selecting friends from your phone’s contact list and create groups for quick invites. Adding guests to your event is only a few clicks away.


Life is better when we connect. Whether you are messaging within an event, in a group, or private chat Ziing makes connecting easy.

Bring List (coming soon)

No more scrolling through endless messages to remember what you need to bring. Now Ziing makes it easy to assign a list of items to bring to any event. 

Payments (Coming Soon)

Right within Ziing you can collect payments from guests before and after the event. split the check, or pitch in to pay for the gathering. It’s easy with Ziing. 

Guest list

Know who and how many people are coming. Set a minimum or maximum number of participants to make sure you have exactly the number you need. 


Ziing is dedicated to our mission of not selling anyone’s personal information. In fact you can setup an account with a cell phone number and name.  

CommunityCork is digitizing the traditional community boards found at coffee shops, community centers, smoke shops, etc… in an effort to save the environment.

Ziing’s partnership with CommunityCork deliveries the latest events happening in your area directly to your Ziing App.