a Video Conferencing platform that makes it possible to break large groups into smaller networking clusters with the Freedom to Move between them. In other words, a venue for better Digital Networking.


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One-Click to Cluster™


Want to speak to someone on a video conference? It’s simple, click on their video and be instantly clustered. Want to say hello to a friend that is watching the same Live stream? Click to Cluster™ brings you right into their party.

Global Networking

With a video conference that mimics the real-world of networking you can connect with people from all around the globe. Network globally just as you would in a local venue.  Think of miingle™ as a digital venue for meeting people.

Venue View

Within the venue you can easily see all the clusters with a simple scroll down. Start a new cluster by clicking on someone not in a cluster. Join an existing cluster with a simple click of anyone in that cluster.   

Speaker View

See a que of attendees with questions. Call on anyone in the crowd. Privately speak with an attendee. Control your presentation, and track remaining time all from one location.   

Cluster View

A sub-video of a larger video conference group created by clicking on anyone in the venue. Only hear those in the cluster while you are linked to a cluster. Make a cluster private to remove a group from the venue view and prevent anyone from joining. Return to the venue without being un-linked from a cluster to find and add someone to your cluster. 

Digital Crowds

With One-Click to Cluster™ you can scroll through a crowd as you watch a live stream. Click on another party to say hi and miingle™. Live streaming events will never be the same and you’ll be happy that those days are long behind us

Live stream Party

During a live stream stay with the party, that you arranged beforehand or fly solo. Adjust the volume between the live stream and your party at any time. Join other parties in the crowd to say hi to other friends or make new ones. Always return immediately to your party when leaving another or click on a guest in another party to introduce them to your party. 

Host Controls

From the host control window broadcast a live video to all guests or remove unruly ones. You can arrange schedules and speakers. with dynamic controls to greet new arrivals, switch modes, initiate a private video chat, and adjust volume levels. 

Venue Settings

Before or during your event arrange a schedule for speakers and mode switches. A host can add password protection, pre-load presentations, notifications, create links, and add prerecorded broadcasts. 

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